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From The Desk Of Jon Bator

Windermere, Florida

This page will take 5 minutes to read and only 1 minute to make a decision.

I'm going to describe what the Book the Clients™ Mastermind is, what you can expect inside, and then you can decide if you want to join.

Who Is This For?

The Book the Clients™ Mastermind is for...

  • Coaches

  • Consultants

  • Infopreneurs

  • Course Creators

  • Online Business Owners

  • And Service Providers

...who want to publish a non-fiction book for the purpose of...

  • Growing their audience

  • Generating more qualified AND less costly leads

  • Acquiring new clients more consistently and automatically

If that's you, I encourage you to continue reading on and consider joining the mastermind.

Who Am I & How Am I Qualified To Help You?

Hi! My name is Jon Bator. I’m the founder & CEO of High Paid Publishing, LLC (the company behind Book the Clients™), and I’ve launched over 100 books for my clients in the past few years.

I’m a 3-time ClickFunnels "2 Comma Club" award winner, and passionate about helping coaches, consultants, course creators, content creators, experts, nonfiction authors, and online business owners make more impact and income from their skills, experience, and expertise.

I’ve worked with celebrity authors and business owners in the real estate, health, spiritual, business, leadership, and fitness markets nearly every single day for the past seven years and love building automated marketing systems that result in time and financial freedom for authors and experts who sell valuable and transformational information products and services.

I also actually know what I’m doing…

I’m the Chief Marketing Officer at the fastest growing book publishing company in the U.S.A.

If you want to do your due diligence, this is me: &

I was also Daymond John’s behind-the-scenes advertising guy, sales page builder, and email marketing guy for 3 years (2018-2021).

I currently send almost 1 BILLION marketing emails/year (for clients). Yes, a billion, not a million. No, I’m not a spammer. These marketing emails go to big email lists and have an average 40% open rate and 1.5% click rate.

I currently manage advertising spend of over $200,000/month on Facebook, YouTube, Google, and Instagram.

I’ve been directly responsible for bringing in over $50,000,000 of book sales and course sales.

I’ve grown a membership site from 0 to over 24,000 active paying members in 3.5 years.

And I’ve launched over 100 individual books and have sold over 6,000,000 copies.

Now, I Only Mention These Credentials So You Understand That You Aren't Learning From Some Fly By Night Guru...

I've been in the book creation and book marketing trenches for over 7 years and have seen it all.

And most of what I've seen has been absolute watered-down, rip-off garbage...

  • Writers selling $30,000 ghostwriting packages that take 2 years to fulfill.

  • Marketers who sell you the dream of becoming a "best-selling author" when in reality that just means that you sold about a few hundred copies and made a few hundred dollars on Amazon.

  • And Publishers who know how to print a book, but have no idea how to actually market and sell a book.

And this is why I started the Book the Clients™ Mastermind.

Why I Started the Book the Clients™ Mastermind

Most of the information out there on creating a book and marketing a book is WAY too complicated, WAY too overpriced, NOT comprehensive, and NOT focused on getting actual results, like new clients and money in the bank.

It doesn't have to be that way.

In the Book the Clients™ Mastermind, we ONLY focus on the stuff that gets actual results AND we keep it as simple as possible!

You'll get your book done in 30 days or less, or we'll literally give you your money back!

We'll also show you SIMPLE book ads and SIMPLE ways to use your book to easily acquire new leads and clients virtually on autopilot.

At Book the Clients™ we don't treat your book as an end in itself.

Rather, we show you how to use your book as a MEANS to an end (aka, new clients).

Everyday I'm Shocked That No One Else Is Teaching This And Showing People The Full, Comprehensive System!

You'll find people out there teaching book publishing, charging upwards of $30,000, and literally taking people on an arduous 2-year journey up freaking "Mount Everest!"

Then, when the book is done, publishing people will just abandon the author and leave them on their own to try and market and sell their book.

Or their advice is to list it on Amazon and wait for people to magically find it amongst millions of other books.

You'll also find marketers who teach super complicated marketing funnels that might work for them because they are internet famous and marketing geniuses, but when their marketing strategies are attempted by the average business owner, it flops.

Inside the Book the Clients™ Mastermind, we pride ourselves in giving you the complete system for book creation AND book marketing.

We focus exclusively on growing your business with a book, and we don't get lost in the sauce of all the time-consuming traditional publishing crap that doesn't work anymore.

Everything is step-by-step, we don't overcomplicate it, and there is no risk.

If you don't like it in the first 30 days, we'll just refund you. After 30 days, it is a month-to-month thing with no commitment or contracts and so you are free to cancel at any time.

I'll show you the easy and fast way to get your book done.

Then, I'll show you the simple and stress-free way to use your new book to generate a consistent stream of new leads and clients virtually on autopilot.

Our system is designed to actually work for the average online business owner, and, if something doesn't work on the first try, we can troubleshoot the problem on a live coaching call or you can ask a question in the group and we'll help you out.

Simple scales, and fancy fails, especially in business.

I Practice What I Preach And Am Literally Allowing You To Carbon-Copy My Exact Business And Marketing System!

Inside the Book the Clients™ Mastermind, I'm NOT showing you hacks and tricks that will be outdated next year.

I'm also NOT teaching you theory like a college professor.

I'm literally giving you all the page templates, book ads, email automations, and software tools that I personally use to market my book, get clients myself, and grow my own business.

You will acquire skills and hands-on experience that will serve you for a lifetime.

And, if something needs to be updated, I just update it.

Book the Clients™ is a mastermind, which means that every month it gets better and better.

The more people who join and participate, the more we can refine and improve our systems.

I'm in the trenches every single week WITH YOU.

We have coaching calls on book creation and book marketing weekly AND a monthly 3-day implementation event called the "3-Day Book Breakthrough™" where I'll "speed-run" the whole setup process with you in only 3 days.

And so, you're NOT going to get stuck, at least not for long.

I'll be right there, on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis, to answer your questions and get you unstuck.

Here's What's Included Inside the Mastermind:

1. Our 30-Day Book Breakthrough™ Book Creation Course

Get your client-getting book done in the next 30 days, without using AI!

2. Our AI Ghostwriting Book Creation Course

Get your client-getting book done in a matter of days using the magical power of AI ghostwriting!

3. Our Book the Clients Marketing Machine™ Setup Course

Get your Book the Clients Marketing Machine™ set up and running in less than 30 days, so that you can start generating a consistent stream of new leads and clients using your book.

4. Our Book Advertising & Conversation Selling Video Course

Start your book ads and enroll your new readers into your core program or service every week!

5. Our 7-Day Coaching Program™ Video Course

Don't have a core product, program, or service to sell to your readers yet? No problem. We'll help you create a group coaching program or service offering in 7 days or less. Unsure of your current offer? We can also help you better refine your coaching or service offer so that it converts readers into clients like clockwork.

6. Our Profitable Podcast Guesting™ Video Course

Don't have $10/day to invest in book ads? No problem. We'll show you how to get on 9-10 podcasts in the next 30 days to promote your book. This way you can get a few initial clients for free before investing in book advertising to scale.

7. Weekly LIVE Group Coaching Call on Tuesdays 8-10PM (EST)

If you hit a roadblock or have questions as your follow our book marketing and advertising training, we'll be live on Zoom on Tuesday evenings to help you get unstuck and answer any questions you might have. You'll find the dates, times, and Zoom links for these group coaching calls in the calendar tab at the top of the group.

8. Recordings and Replays of All Coaching Calls & Special Trainings

Watch and rewatch every call as often as you need. My team also cuts out each question and answer into a separate video and we organize them in a section called "Frequently Asked Questions." This way you don't have to sort and sift through long coaching calls to find an answer to your question. You can just search and find the short video answer that you're looking for.

9. Done-For-You/Plug-and-Play Templates & Funnels (Carbon-Copy My Exact Business & Marketing System)

Don't worry. I'm not expecting you to create all your pages, emails, and CRM workflows from scratch. I pre-built everything for you. You just have to fill in the blanks and add your own images where it makes sense. This alone is worth the entire cost of the mastermind.

10. Daily Community Support

Everyone in the mastermind community is encouraged to help each other. We hold nothing back and you'll get advice, mentorship, insights, and inspiration from other members every day. If someone is a huge jerk and is ruining the good vibes of the group, I'll just kick them out.

11. Weekly Book the Clients™ Mastermind Member Email Newsletter

Every Monday morning I send out a newsletter email to members with the dates and times of upcoming coaching calls and events and I highlight the most popular community posts from the previous week. This way you'll never miss a thing.

12. Access To The Book the Clients™ Private Mastermind Network

There are a bunch of interesting and cool members of the Book the Clients™ Mastermind. You might want to connect with them in the group and have a discussion over DMs. As long as you're not spamming group members with unsolicited offers, networking and potential business partnerships are encouraged in the mastermind.

It's The Full Stack Of Knowledge, Skill, And Support That You've Been Looking For.

If this seems like a lot, don't worry. Just know that we've made everything step-by-step and as simple and streamlined as possible so that you get actual results.

We're going to show you everything you need to know to publish your non-fiction book in the next 30 days AND show you how to use your new book to generate a consistent stream of new clients on autopilot!

Plus, we're here to support you every step of the way.

That's the Book the Clients™ Mastermind.

At this point, the last questions you probably have are...

"What's The Price? How Do I Join?"

It's only $99/month, and you can cancel anytime.

Join the Book the Clients™ Mastermind by clicking the button below.

If you have any questions, feel free to click the chat bubble in the bottom right-hand corner of the page or email me at

Your book marketing friend,

Jon Bator


No Contracts. Cancel Anytime.

You can cancel your mastermind membership ANYTIME without any hassle or funny business. Just login to your account settings and click "cancel my account." Or, you can contact our support team at and they'll help you out. It's that simple.


30-Day Money Back Guarantee

If you join the mastermind and absolutely hate it, don't get any results, or it's not what you were expecting, just let us know during your first 30 days and we'll refund your $99 without any hassle or funny business. Simply contact our support team at and they'll help you out.

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