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We’ll Install Our Book the Clients Marketing Machine™ Into Your Business So That Your Book Will Generate You A Consistent Stream Of New Leads And Clients On Autopilot!

Show Me Your Book & I'll Tell You What I Think It's Worth

Let's jump on a quick Zoom call and talk about your book.

I have a feeling that you're probably sitting on a goldmine and don't even know it, and we might be able to launch (or relaunch) your book completely FOR YOU too!

Complete & Exact Details Are Below...

Who This Is For...

This done-for-you book launch and marketing machine setup service is for…

  • Coaches

  • Consultants

  • Infopreneurs

  • Course Creators

  • Online Business Owners

  • And Service Providers

…with a finished book AND a proven offer.

Who want to...

  • Grow their audience

  • Generate more qualified AND less costly leads

  • Acquire new clients more consistently and automatically

Why Am I Doing This? What’s the Catch?

Hi! My name is Jon Bator and I'm an introverted marketing and sales professional who prefers working behind the scenes rather than being the center of attention.

I'm most at ease when I can act as a “guide on the side” rather than a “sage on the stage.”

So, here's my ulterior motive:

I'm on the lookout 👀 for potential partnerships with coaches, consultants, infopreneurs, course creators, online business owners, and service providers who thrive as the face of the business.

You’re the face of the business, the influencer, the content creator, and the guru, and I can take care of all the behind the scenes marketing tech, strategy, and lead generation and monetization systems.

If you love coaching, consulting, filming videos, holding workshops, and helping your clients get results, we could be a dream team.

My book creation and book launch services can be likened to initial dates, where we test the waters and discover untapped opportunities within your business. ❤️

In the event that we don't continue working together after your book is launched, that's perfectly fine. Everything we build for you remains completely yours, and you have the freedom to take full control.

Nevertheless, I've found that approximately 50% of my clients are open to the idea of a commission-based/performance-marketing partnership following the successful launch of their book. 🤝

In essence, I'm making a wager that, once we launch your book using our Book the Clients™ systems, you'll recognize the incredible potential for us to collaborate long-term and scale your business. 📈

And so this book launch service is my secret funnel and first step into a potential long-term partnership that could benefit both of us greatly.

We don’t need to worry about all the details of a potential future partnership right now. Let’s launch your book first, and start getting you some new clients!

Before I dive into the details of this offer, let me quickly introduce myself…

Who Am I & How Am I Qualified To Help You?

Hi! My name is Jon Bator. I’m the founder & CEO of High Paid Publishing, LLC (the company behind my brand “Book the Clients™”), and I’ve launched over 100 books for my clients in the past few years.

I’m a 3-time ClickFunnels "2 Comma Club" award winner 🏆, and I’m passionate about helping coaches, consultants, course creators, content creators, experts, nonfiction authors, and online business owners make more impact and income from their skills, experience, and expertise.

I’ve worked with celebrity authors and business owners in the real estate, health, spiritual, business, leadership, and fitness markets nearly every single day for the past seven years and love building automated marketing systems that result in time and financial freedom for authors and experts who sell valuable and transformational information products and services.

I also actually know what I’m doing…

I’m the Chief Marketing Officer at the fastest growing book publishing company in the U.S.A. 👔

If you want to do your due diligence, this is me: &

I was also Daymond John’s behind-the-scenes advertising guy, sales page builder, and email marketing guy for 3 years (2018-2021). 🦈

I currently send almost 1 BILLION marketing emails/year (for clients). Yes, a billion, not a million. No, I’m not a spammer. These marketing emails go to big email lists and have an average 40% open rate and 1.5% click rate.

I currently manage advertising spend of over $200,000/month on Facebook, YouTube, Google, and Instagram.

I’ve been directly responsible for bringing in over $50,000,000 of book sales and course sales.

I’ve grown a membership site from 0 to over 24,000 active paying members in 3.5 years.

And I’ve launched over 100 individual books and have sold over 6,000,000 copies.

Ok, enough about me. Here’s a quick summary of our 30-day book launch service…

30-Day Book Launch Service - Summary Overview:

Days 1-30: Our team will set up your marketing machine (described in the “Promised Deliverables” section below). ⚙️

This marketing machine will include all the landing pages, all the behind-the-scenes CRM workflows, all the follow up emails and text messages, and even an automated call-booking calendar, if you need it.

This system is needed to properly educate and warm up new leads after they download your free book.

Days 31-90: Once your Book the Clients Marketing Machine™ is set up, we will create, set up, and run your free book download ads FOR YOU on Facebook and Instagram, and will generate at least 500+ new leads.

Don’t worry! We will pay for these ads out of our OWN POCKET.

Therefore, it is 100% guaranteed that you will get at least 500 new leads through your new Book the Clients Marketing Machine™. We do this to guarantee your success and to prove that the system works.

Once your ads are turned on and leads are flowing through the system, we will also work with you to create a weekly routine to convert your new leads into actual clients for your core product or service.

Exactly What We’ll Give You (Promised Deliverables):

We’re basically going to carbon-copy the marketing machine that I personally use at Book the Clients™ in the next 30 days, since we know it works.

Done-For-You Funnels (Webpages)

🏠 Homepage Funnel: A simple, minimalistic, white background website homepage and other necessary business pages, along with a header menu and footer for all pages.

📘 Free Book Download Funnel: This page will serve as the main front door into your business, will acquire targeted leads efficiently, and will seamlessly funnel your new leads into your free group and backend core product or service.

☎️ Client Application Funnel: You’ll likely need to get your new leads on the phone or on Zoom to sell your program or service. This funnel will help you book those sales calls automatically and will ensure they show up for the scheduled call.

Free Group Setup

🆓 After a lead downloads your book you'll want to get them into a free group and help them get a quick win ASAP. We'll set up your free group completely for you so that you'll have an easy time warming your leads up, and marketing and selling to them.

- Watch the video above for more information about our Book the Clients Marketing Machine™ so that you understand how important this free group is.

Done-For-You CRM/Tech Workflows & Email and Text Message Automations

📧 Book Download Follow Up & New Lead Onboarding Sequence: This is the main new lead warm up/onboarding sequence that all new leads will go through.

🗓️ Client Application Confirmation & Call Reminder Follow Up: After someone applies to work with you and books a sales call, this automation will follow up to confirm the appointment and to encourage them to actually show up for their call.

💬 Auto Missed Call Text Back: We will provide you with a business phone number and if anyone calls that number you can miss the call and then have an automation that will automatically follow up with a text message that says, “Hey there! Sorry we missed your call. How can we help?” This starts a conversation via text message.

📱SMS Opt-Out: This is a simple automation to make sure that if someone responds to a text message with STOP, OPT OUT, or UNSUBSCRIBE, that they are automatically unsubscribed from marketing texts, which is the law.

🗓️ Booking Calendar Setup: We will set up your automated call booking calendar so that it is synched with your Google Calendar, or other online calendar, to check for conflicts and to put your sales calls on your personal meeting calendar. We can also make sure your calendar will automatically create a Zoom meeting for your sales calls and add that Zoom meeting link to the automatic calendar invite.

- If this sounds complicated, don’t worry. We’ll make sure your call booking process is seamless so that everything gets set up in the right place every time someone books a sales call with you or your team.

📱Phone Number Setup For Automated and Blast Marketing Texts: We will set up a business phone number for you so that marketing texts don’t come from your personal cell phone.

- This will also ensure that replies to marketing texts end up in the unified conversations inbox so that you and your team can respond to all incoming messages in an organized and timely manner.

🌐 Custom Domain Setup and URL Redirect Links Setup: You’ll need to buy a custom domain (usually only $10/year), or allow us to use a subdomain on a domain that you already own.

- We’ll connect this domain to your account and will use this domain for all of your pages, and as the sender domain on all your marketing emails.

💬 Chat Widget Setup & Install: We will install a chat widget on the bottom right hand corner of relevant pages on your website so that your leads can contact you there in case they have a question.

- This is a great way to start a conversation with hot leads. All incoming conversations from the chat widget will land in your unified inbox so that you or your team can continue the conversation.

Done-For-You Book Ads

🚀 After we setup your Book the Clients Marketing Machine™, we’ll launch, or relaunch, your book. We’ll create, set up, and run your book ads for you on Facebook and Instagram AND get your first 500 leads completely FOR YOU!

- Don’t worry. We’ll pay for these initial ads out of our own pocket.

What You Will Need To Do:

Pretty much nothing when it comes to the marketing machine setup.

All you have to do is show up for ONE 2-hour Zoom call to tell us about your business, who you serve, what end result you get them, and what you think really gets the attention of your dream clients.

And then approve the final pages and follow up automations in your brand-new Book the Clients Marketing Machine™.

When your new leads start booking calls to speak with you or your team, obviously you’ll want to show up for those calls, answer any questions they might have, and enroll them into your courses, programs, and/or services.

Your new leads will also reply to automated emails and text messages, and it will be your responsibility to continue those conversations and lead them to a call or a sale.

Like we said, your to-do list = pretty much nothing when it comes to marketing, and just the normal stuff when it comes to sales.

Let’s Get Your Book Launched ASAP So That You Can Start “Booking” More Clients!

A Book the Clients Marketing Machine™ running 24/7 in the background is the best way to attract a consistent stream of new clients on autopilot, and so let’s not waste anymore time.

Let's jump on a quick Zoom call and talk about your book. Schedule your call below.

I have a feeling that you're probably sitting on a goldmine and don't even know it, and we might be able to launch (or relaunch) your book completely FOR YOU too!

If you have any questions, feel free to email me at or click the chat icon in the bottom right of the page.

I look forward to meeting you and learning more about your book and business.

See you soon on your Zoom call!

Your book marketing friend,

- Jon Bator, Founder & CEO of Book the Clients™

Show Me Your Book & I'll Tell You What I Think It's Worth

Let's jump on a quick Zoom call and talk about your book.

I have a feeling that you're probably sitting on a goldmine and don't even know it, and we might be able to launch (or relaunch) your book completely FOR YOU too!

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